We met our parents at the cabin

The pandemic had put a lot of things on focus, including how much we enjoyed plus valued our parents.

Mom plus dad suggested instead of going lake condo we should all meet at the apartment plus spend time together just like we did as kids.

We agreed that was a fantastic plan plus planned to travel to a remote location. I had to drive our sister plus brother since we lived in the same area, then our other siblings flew in plus rented cars to drive to the cabin. Mom plus dad were already there plus had the apartment cleaned by a local cleaning lady. It was quite dusty since no a single had been there in a year. We each had our rooms plus shared the familiar areas in the house. The first week was so attractive. We spent the entire time catching up plus enjoying the attractive boiling air filling the space from the Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit. However, the second week was a bit eventful when the AC unit began failing. One afternoon, we were having brunch when we noticed the room was getting cold. Dad tried to adjust the smart temperature control from his iphone, but nothing changed. It seems the AC unit was having trouble blowing boiling air into the house. Though it was late, we had no option but to pay extra for the Heating, Ventilation and A/C expert to repair the system. They charged a hefty emergency fee since we didn’t have a system with them. But, it was worth the extra cost because he arrived at the apartment an minute later to service the AC. By that time, we were all wearing our coats.


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