We won a contest from an HVAC company

Earlier this year, my husband and I bought a raffle ticket from one of the little neighborhood boys who was selling them for his baseball team.

They usually have a fundraiser sometime in the spring and we always try to support the team and buy tickets from them.

It’s nice because the other parents in our neighborhood always buy fundraising stuff from us whenever our kids sell something. Anyway, whenever we bought the raffle tickets we never in a million years thought that we would win the HVAC system that they were raffling off. We were thinking about having to put in a new heating system in our house this fall anyway and so when we found out that we could buy a raffle ticket for a new one, we thought that we would just try our luck on winning it. Well, it turned out that we actually did end up winning, even though we hardly ever win anything at all. When the heating and cooling company that was sponsoring the contest and the team called us up to tell us that we had won the new heating and cooling system, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was shocked that we had actually won it! But I was also relieved that we would have to pay out of pocket for a new furnace ourselves. It was a really nice surprise and a huge relief to us that we had ended up winning a brand new heating system before the winter started up again for the year.


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