Weather is unquestionably wonderful in my area these days

Weather is so wacky around this area of the country, fall and winter season can be the most unpredictable months when it comes to the temperature and the weather outside.

  • In the summer, heat and humidity is a reliable occurrence.

It is only a matter of how tepid and how humid. However, in the fall and winter, it may feel like fall or winter, or it may be unquestionably mild as if it were Spring, or it may just straight up feel like summer, however because of this crapshoot, you can never tell how much usage you will get out of your Heating as well as Air Conditioning system during this time! This particular year, fall weather seemed to come right on time, but at least half of September was pleasantly cool and even freezing in the evenings. Then things got warmer, and then, by September, it was so boiling that the weather could pass for a mild summer. I genuinely loved the first half of September, because I didn’t need to use the a/c and I genuinely didn’t feel like using the heat, so I saved money on energy bills! You see, I appreciate a unquestionably cool room at night. It lends itself to sleeping soundly. I will admit, it did end up getting just a bit too cold at times, but that is when I point the fan in a unusual direction; Yes, I sleep with fans even when it’s nice and cool already: the noise and the circulating air also help me sleep, and well, you just never know what kind of weather you’re going to get in the fall and winter season around here. I hope trends start tilting towards the cooler side though. You can bet that is when I’m going to save the most money on my utility bills.

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