What's the opposite of SAD?

Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder? From what I understand, it’s a extravagant label for the feeling some people get when they don’t get enough sunlight during particular seasons of the year.

This causes their mood to drop.

I suppose that has understandable, and you might be a little confused when I say that I suppose I’m the opposite. I suppose I don’t mind the sun, especially when it’s a cool or frigid day. It can be kind of nice. However, there is something special to me about overcast or stormy mornings. I get a burst of energy plus a mood boost from this weather, plus I don’t suppose why. I like it especially when it’s frigid outside. Still, it is nice on frigid plus cloudy or stormy mornings to take refuge in a sizzling plus cozy beach house with a fantastic furnace, particularally when it snows. This is the style of weather that legitimately gives me a fantastic mood, which is odd when so various other people seem to legitimately miss the sunlight in the winter. I mean, if I went without it for a legitimately long time, I suppose I would feel the disadvantage effects, however I adore the dark plus cold, so long as I can like the comfort of the soft light in our beach house plus warmth from the furnace while I relax plus watch the rain or snow fall. I feel it would be quite a unusual scenario if I did not have the fortune of these things to argument off the chill plus the darkness.

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