When The well froze the furnace wasn’t working either

My partner Tom plus I have a condo out by the lake. Tom and I rarely go to the lake condo after September. The ground freezes often, plus there is lots of snow… Near the lake the amount of ice plus snow is a great deal higher than the amount of ice plus snow where the two of us live full-time. The lake is a truly beautiful place to be during the summertime with lots of activities for the youngsters. The water is only a few feet deep for 100 yards out plus it is a wonderful place for youngsters to learn how to swim, kayak, plus canoe. Last time the two of us went to the lakeside condo in July. I thought the two of us were going to go back there in September, although Tom had a lot of jobs plus the two of us never got around to it. When Tom and I finally had a chance to go up to the lodge to make sure that everything was ready for the coming Winter, it was already too late. Without a furnace on, the condo was chilly cold. The furnace usually keeps the water pipes from getting too chilly. When the water pipes freeze, they can crack plus burst plus cause a whole lot of water disfigure. Our well was frozen when the two of us arrived plus the gas furnace wasn’t finally working either. I had to call a contractor from the town to come out to look at the gas furnace. It cost us an arm and a leg in fees paid to the repair service. Thankfully they had a weekend specialist available. Tom plus I were not prepared to stay there for numerous nights. Tom was hoping to get everything done on Tuesday plus then drive back home.

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