When we met online, I didn’t realize that my husband lived so far north

When we first met online a few years ago, I didn’t realize that my husband lived so far up north.

I mean, he actually lives so far north that they barely have any warm summer months there at all.

The town where he grew up is freezing cold for about nine months out of the year and they have to use their heating systems nearly year round because of that. Well, whenever you’re first dating, you are all in love and worried so much about being lovey dovey with each other that sometimes it’s difficult to talk about regular mundane things like the weather or the temperature outside. That’s what happened with us whenever we started dating. I knew all of the personal stuff about my husband but I didn’t know anything at all about the place that he lived. I should have asked him about the place where he lived, and about the temperature that he was used to, and his HVAC system and things like that. However, I just never asked him about anything like that. I just didn’t care about things like that at that point because I was more interested in talking about the mushy stuff with my husband. Well, now, I wish that I had asked him more about things like that. Now that we live together, it’s always an issue because I ended up moving up north to live with him. It’s so cold up there that I want to keep the furnace running all the time. I keep the thermostat turned way up all the time. He says that I’m too cold natured, but I have to protect myself against the cold temperatures around here!

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