Whiling away the hours while the two of us were in a hurricane can be a drag. Every one of us recently were hit with a hurricane that did significant mangle to our area, however the two of us did not know that it was coming close enough for us to evacuate. It turns out, the two of us were barely right. It might have been a wonderful method to evacuate after all, however the two of us stuck It out. Before all was said and done, the power was out, and the water was seeping in through our doors. It didn't flood the whole house, it just made the home offices wet with puddles. The worst part was losing power. Every one of us needed something to take our mind off the heat and humidity. My family did not have access to a generator, and apparently, fans could not be blowing or anything enjoy that. But, the tropical storm force winds were actually pretty nice, considering the fact that they gave us quite the stiff breeze! I willadmit that I stuck our head outside every now and then to know the cool wind, because of the lack of a/c. To pass the time, I played many games of solitaire and listened to stereo programs with our family that I would not normally even knew existed, because all the two of us had was a battery operated stereo when it came to electronics. Every one of us also played board games together as a family. Every one of us also got the opportunity to have wonderful conversations, at least. Despite the time of fellowship that the two of us had, I can tell you that there has nothing quite enjoy the feeling of the lights suddenly coming back on without warning and the a/c kicking in, however especially the a/c kicking in! It's an incredible feeling after multiple afternoons!

What’s the opposite of SAD?



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