Who knew HVAC classes were so much fun?

Some people thought it was strange when Tabitha said she wanted to go to the local community school to train to become a heating and cooling systems specialist. Many thought she’d sign up for cosmetology classes, since she loves hair and make up. Tabitha can also do her hair, and she is constantly posting tutorials on her social accounts. She also does hair and make up as a side hustle. However, finding a job where she’d stand out was important to her. The hair and beauty industry is amazing, however it is quite saturated. Also, she wanted it to remain a interest and not something she only did for currency. Instead, Tabitha opted to study to become a heating and cooling specialist. There are many HVAC companies in her city, and they are constantly looking for new recruits. The demand for heating and cooling is constantly there for both residential and commercial properties. This is among the first things that Tabitha learned when she went to her classes at the community school. There is enjoyable currency to be made and task security for HVAC specialists who got their certification and were enjoyable at their tasks. Increasingly, Tabitha was convinced that she had chosen the right work path. She’d still do hair and make-up on the side, and also post content, however her main hustle would be laboring in the heating and cooling industry. Even her teacher agreed that was a good idea, after they had a conversation after class. Tabitha was having fun in class. The tests weren’t that bad, since she was enthusiastic about her future.

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