You drive, I get the cool air

I have never been a fan of driving.

When I was even still a teenager, it was all I ever heard from our classmates plus friends, how they couldn’t wait to go out and drive, how much freedom it would provide you. While that is true, I really didn’t want to start to drive. All I saw was disaster waiting to happen, plus I have statistics to easily back myself and others up. Not only do I have to worry about other people’s driving, however I can admit I’m not the best driver myself! I constantly get signs plus other things confused, and this is why when someone else, like our bestie, is driving, I can relax plus let our mind simply wander. I like road trips, as long as I am not the 1 driving. So when our bestie plus I carefully planned on driving to see family, a road trip, I was enthusiastic with the idea! For the first few miles everything was great. My mind wandered to fantasy land, plus I could tell our bestie was clearly lost in thought too. Anyways, after an hour’s drive I noticed how moderate it was, so I asked to turn on the a/c, plus he did. But to our unfortunate realization, the a/c wasn’t giving enough cooling air! My bestie turned it up the rest of the way, however it didn’t matter, it wasn’t even enough to combat the heat. The rest of the road trip was miserable, I wasn’t able to properly focus with the intense heat. The people I was with and I had to travel back in the evening to avoid the heat.Someone who specialized in heating, ventilation & A/C in cars had to see it before it was fixed.


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