You have to have the HVAC serviced twice a year

With our HVAC warranty, you have to have the HVAC system serviced by a heating and cooling professional at least twice.

Not only that, but you have to use an HVAC company that is approved by the HVAC system’s parent company or it voids the warranty completely.

It’s not something that I really paid all that much attention to when we first bought the HVAC unit, though. You know how it is whenever you’re in the end stages of buying a huge purchase. You’re usually sick of thinking about it and sick of shopping and you’re just ready for the whole thing to be over and done with. At least that’s how I always feel. I kind of end up zoning out there toward the end because I’m just always done with the whole process by that point. I don’t really want to hear anything else about it; I just want to sign the papers and run the credit card bill at that point. Anyway, they were going on and on about the whole part of the paperwork where it talked about the warranty and the HVAC service appointments that I would need to make. I just wasn’t listening, to tell you the truth. Thank goodness my husband happened to find the paperwork for the HVAC system and glance through it a couple of weeks ago. If he hadn’t, we would have totally ended up voiding our warranty without meaning to. We had not had our HVAC unit checked for months and it was getting to the point where time was just about to run out.

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