A Ductless Mini Cooling Component is a Darn Good Investment

My uncle runs a small pizzeria where he sells mostly BBQ to his buyers.

A few years ago when he first opened the business, the building was a bit old and needed a lot of renovations to get it up and running.

With the help of his good friends and some of our family members, he was able to complete most of the renovations and have a successful opening. The only thing that he needed to do was to substitute the old window air conditioner with a better cooling system unit. The tiny window cooling system was mounted into the wall above the money register in the front of the pizzeria. Needless to say, the window air conditioner wasn’t particularly efficient, and the component wasn’t aesthetically pleasing in that location. He kept it for some time, because he opened the pizzeria in the winter, so there was no need to be concerned about a cooling system then. However, once the summer drew closer and the weather began to get warmer, he needed to find an option for an air conditioner. I wasn’t involved in the process, so I wasn’t sure what he decided to do. When I finally made it back to the pizzeria, I saw that he had installed a ductless mini split air conditioner unit. This is one of the best choices that he could have made because these units are easy to install, they are highly efficient, and they give both heating and cooling. I am not sure who advocated for our uncle to get the mini split cooling unit, however it was a fantastic decision that he made.



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