A short song and a central heating device

We finally got some of our songs onto our Soundcloud page and people are really liking them.

Our most popular song is called the monkey song and it is a pretty funny one I must admit.

We started our band about two years ago and we have grown a lot since beginning. I was a bit scared of singing, as I never really was trained in singing, but doing 15 years of standup comedy taught me to face my fears and to not be afraid of being afraid. Now it is much easier singing and drumming and my HVAC tech bandmate and I just may make a name for ourselves after all. I still like to work for the home services company and tell people about SEER ratings and saving energy on their power bills. I will do that job for another year or two and then I think I will just rely on money I make from playing music in the band. I figure I could do the music thing till I am 75 or more years old, if I am alive and healthy then, and make a nice ending to my crazy life that has taken me all over the world. I would like to buy a new HVAC system for my flat, and I think with the money I make from music, I will be able to afford the heating and cooling device at the HVAC business and be all set. I am going to go make a grilled cheese sandwich now and play with my cats a bit.
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