A very hot day, unexpectedly

It is getting close to the chilly holiday season right now but the weather has been crazy hot where I live.

Would you ever guess that it was 90 degrees this week as well as I actually had to turn on our central a/c, but of course normally this time of the year it is the central heating that is getting cranked up; But this new and different weather has myself and others running the central a/c through the middle of January! It must be all the weather conditions as well as the global warming malarky, but all I guess is it is crazy.

But then in the evening I am having to crank the central oil furnace! This is all giving our central heating as well as a/c quite the workout. When all this mess is done I am going to have to call our local heating as well as a/c supplier to have them send out a certified heater as well as cooling system specialist to do a serious heating as well as cooling inspection and tune up as well as check up on our central heating as well as a/c, and i usually do not have that done until the early Spring. But after all this back as well as forth with using the heating as well as the a/c in the same day, as well as every single day as of lately I am going to have little choice if I want to ensure that our central heating as well as a/c is fully entirely working with no further complications. But I will wait until the weather cools down again before I make the call.


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