Adding ductless HVAC to the shed

I have a backyard shed that serves as my workout facility.

I do a gymnastic based workout everyday. I used to take classes when I was in high school and even during my college years, now I am on my own. I am not training for anything serious, just for fun. Tumbling is a great all over body workout and I like having fitness goals and working towards them. With tumbling though, the temperature in my shed is very important. In the summer it is not usual for the weather to get in the upper 90s. That is just way too hot to tumble. If I get that hot, I start to sweat and my hands and feet get slick. I couldn’t do aerial cartwheels because when I launch and attempt to land on one foot, I slide all over the place. Being too cold is almost worse though. If I am cold, I have trouble stretching and getting my muscles warm. I can’t do walkovers or back handsprings because my bridge won’t stretch out. Frequently I will injure myself on cold days because I just push through. The smartest thing I ever did was get a ductless mini split for my space. I have both heating and cooling power and can control the thermostat right from my phone. I now don’t experience sweltering or freezing temperatures. I make sure to either preheat or pre-cool my space on very severe weather days. Most of the time, quick thermostat adjustment is all I need to work out comfortably.


Cooling workman

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