Air conditioning when you're camping with pets

I’m not sure how this happened however somehow I found myself with a fiance.

We were so happy I had been anti-relationships.

When I was in school, I loved this guy with all my heart, but he cheated on me with my best friend! never got over them stabbing me in the back, and this went on throughout school. I was more of the adventure and partying type, and never one to be with a guy. Three years after graduation, that changed, when I met Steve on a camping trip. I’m part of this group, and had been looking forward to camping in this current area. Steve was also there. We started talking and got closer. He was new to our city, so I showed him around and now here my buddy and I are planning a wedding and pet parents to three dogs and a cat. We live together. Last summer, we felt it was time for a camping trip with the pets, so we rented a van and planned everything. I didn’t want to risk us being hot and uncomfortable so we obtained a portable AC for the camping trip. I have enough experience with AC in vans failing when you’re miles away in the middle of nowhere. So, if you plan to go camping in an RV or a van, bring a portable AC or heating unit with you, depending on the season. The portable AC will keep every person in the van or RV comfortable in case the vehicle’s AC fails.


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