All I need is the heat pump

As far as I’m concerned, I could never see snow or ice again and I’d be perfectly happy with that situation. I’ve lived in the north and I’ve lived in the south. From here on out, I’ll stick to the south. I just can’t take the winter cold and all that gas furnace heating. And don’t get me started about the heating bills. I sure wouldn’t want to have to pay the heating costs that are supposed to skyrocket up there this winter. No, I’ll stick with my heat pump. Sure, there is zero chance I have a white Christmas. But I can so get over that. And I’m not able to jump in the car and drive to a ski resort for the weekend either. Again, that is addition by subtraction. I’m happy right here in the sunshine and the mild temperatures with my heat pump. My heat pump is really sort of a genius invention. I don’t think heat pumps get near the glory and recognition they should. They are so good that the heat pump is just sort of taken for granted. But I know that I’m lucky to have the quality heating and air I get from my heat pump. The winter doesn’t need all that much heating but the heat pump provides all we need. When the summer rolls around, the heat pump definitely earns its keep for sure. Living here in the summer comes with plenty of HVAC cooling and the heat pump steps up in that regard. Yea, I’ll be fine with just the heat pump thank you. Y’all can keep the winter and all those gas furnaces.


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