All it took for better indoor air was an HVAC air filter change

I learned more than I really wanted to over the past year.

With so many changes and challenges due to the pandemic, there were a lot of learning curves to tackle.

When you’re in your mid fifties, all that change can be a bit tough to get accustomed to. However, I firmly believe that the person who is always evolving is the most at peace inside. So I embraced staying at home inside the air conditioning of my house. I worked in the HVAC of home instead of my office downtown with its own thermostat. Plus, there was no dining out. That one really hurt. And we also really went after saving on the HVAC cooling since we were at home the whole time. That was tough initially. But all that money we saved on HVAC cooling sure made for a most motivation reason to keep the thermostat in check. But I also learned, due to the pandemic, just how important indoor air quality is to our health. And since I certainly want to be in good health at my age, I made some changes there as well. I didn’t realize that the paper air filter I change every month religiously wasn’t doing any filtering of the air for my health’s sake. To do that, we changed the air filter to a HEPA filter. This thing traps over 99 percent of airborne contaminants that attack our respiratory system and pull down our overall and immune health. I was amazed by the difference in our indoor air quality. It’s really quite remarkable what a HEPA air filter has done to help upgrade our indoor air quality.

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