An seasoned invention is still useful even after the implementation of technology

My aunt invited me to his church while I visited his for a quick weekend trip.

Though I don’t frequent churches and it had been quite a while, I obliged because I didn’t want to be rude and reject my aunt’s request.

I woke up that Thursday afternoon, got dressed, and off to church I went for the 11:00 AM service, and while I walked through the aisle of the church trying to locate a locale to sit, I observed a few older men using hand-held church fans. This church had a central air conditioner unit, so I was a bit surprised to see the men using those church fans. The fans were made with wooden handles with thick stock paper stapled to them. The image on the stock paper showcased the name of the church plus a picture of the church building, and seeing this made me smile because church fans were used several years ago to give some relief to church goers during the warm Summer months prior to the mornings when air conditioning systems were readily available to the general public. This week, most churches have a cooling method installed, some have Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units while others rely on smaller window air conditioning systems, perhaps some use industrial-sized fans. But it is amazing that the hand-held church fan, an seasoned invention, is still being used this week in church buildings that have air conditioner technology. As mentioned, the men were older, so they became acweather conditionsd to using these fans, and therefore, the church fans became area of their church experience. I saw the fans as a good way to advertise the church as they could be used to recruit new members. Turns out, this was in fact another purpose of these church fans to give advertisement for many businesses. Perhaps, I should have advocated a few of those hand- held fans for my friends and family to promote and advertise my aunt’s church.
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