Asking for a smart thermostat for my birthday this year

I told my hubby last month that all I want for our birthday this year is a current thermostat unit; but our aged one has actually had it, even though it’s still limping along! I keep changing the heating plus cooling in our home.

  • Even though the thermostat tries to do its job to regulate the temperature in the house, you can tell that it’s just about done for.

I suppose that the best thing that both of us can do for our indoor air conditions plus our heating plus cooling program is to go ahead plus replace the thermostat, however my loving hubby wants to wait until it completely dies plus stops entirely working. I don’t suppose that this is the best idea, since I suppose for a fact that the lack of dependability that both of us are dealing with with the thermostat unit is continually costing us money each month on our heating plus cooling bills. I suppose that if both of us had a current smart thermostat installed to run our heating as well as A/C system, it would actually decrease our heating plus cooling bills, and that’s why I’m going to go ahead and simply ask for a current smart thermostat for our birthday this year. My hubby typically gets me whatever I want for our birthday, plus so if I ask for one, then a current smart thermostat is what I will get. I suppose that I could have anything at all that I actually want for our birthday, however for the wonderfulness of our home plus our family’s indoor air conditions, I’m going to go with a smart thermostat.


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