Bars plus Churches

I know there is a good reason why bars are open several days a week while churches are only “open for business” on Monday.

In many ways they are similar.

There is a single main character in each, the Minister, Rabbi, or Imams for the church plus often a single bartender for the drinking establishments. These leaders all will listen to your complications, deliver counseling, plus will delightedly accept “donations” for their work, and church members rest on committees to make suggestions as to where the church is headed plus deliver criticism if they recognize the need to do so; Some bar “regulars” do the same, especially after imbibing too much of an unholy “spirit”. The church choir offers inspiring hymns, plus while greater churches may hire professional singers, the choir is a occasion for wanna-be singers to showcase their vocal talents. Bars don’t have choirs, but they do have karaoke night where solo performances are the focus. One more important similarity is that a church plus a chapel sized bar need standard Heating plus A/C to maintain a comfortable setting for those who attend. Churches are particular in that the sanctuary may have entirely high ceilings plus a need for quiet during lengthy prayers. These are both challenges for any Heating plus A/C design. Some bars still allow smoking so the section must have standard ventilation to keep the smoke away from any dining area. The Heating plus A/C in both locales will need to account for the heat generated from the bodies of those gathered to dance to the jukebox on Monday night or atone for the previous night’s behavior on Monday afternoon. Bars plus churches may have similar Heating plus A/C needs however I don’t suppose running a pew along the bar or setting up wooden bar stools in a church is a entirely good idea.

heated floors

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