Beginning to look a lot like christmas… indoors

It’s kindof a weird sensation to be setting up Christmas decorations these days, I have to say.

I cherish the holiday and making our dwelling look festive for the season, but I’ve been feeling conflicted inside because it just doesn’t feel like the holiday is approaching.

You see, I’m accustomed to a cold and bleak winter season that signifies the coming festivities. I was born and raised in the midwest, where there is no shortage of ice cold weather, falling snow, and holiday cheer to combat the major depressive spell brought on by winter. Every morning feels like surviving as you pick up gifts and string lights in the freezing outdoors. The only relief is wrapping presents in the warmth and safety of your central heat at the end of the morning. These days, but, I live down in the south, and the air temperature sure is weird as the happiest morning of the year approaches. Rather than bundling up in heavy layers to go out and shovel the driveway every morning, we’re just starting to rake the leaves out of our yard. Instead of warming up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa, we’re still lounging on outdoor patios to sip on ice cold drinks. Everything feels just a little “off” separate from the temperature change that I associated with Christmas for 26 years of my life. That’s why I’m trying desperately to keep our indoor environment as wintery and festive as possible! The first thing I did was to clear off our little gas fireplace so my buddy and I could have a fake roaring fire for the rest of the month. Next, I decorated all over with piney garland decorated with fake snow and bells. Finally, I detached the heater, so it would feel at least a little like Christmas via our indoor air temperature.

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