Bigger or Smaller

In the 1970s everything was still big.

Big cars had yet to give way to smaller “Econo” cars.

Home sound systems were huge with large console speakers with large woofers to pound out the beat. Big hair was the popular style with afros and the post-hippie “Jesus look” for men and the “Farah Fawcett” look that was very popular with women. Hairstyles and fashions usually fluctuate over time and now there is even retro fashion for those wanting to capture the look of past eras. Those huge speakers have been replaced by earbuds and headsets and even tiny speakers that can still pump out a big sound due to technical innovations. Housing is another area where smaller is becoming more popular than larger and this means the size of HVAC systems must also adjust in size. One solution in homes where space is a premium is to install small duct HVAC systems. These systems work by using smaller ductwork and flexible supply tubes that deliver cooled air at a higher air velocity (also called static pressure) than conventional forced air equipment. They offer other advantages aside from space saving because they are quieter, capable of removing more moisture from the air and they easily match any décor. If any remodeling is needed, it should be minimal. Their use is not limited to small houses. Older homes not designed for HVAC and even historical houses that must maintain their original look are easily retrofitted with the small duct HVAC systems. The key to the small duct HVAC systems is Their use of small diameter flexible tubes that deliver air through small, almost invisible slots or circular vents. Wall vents can be easily disguised with wallpaper while painting or staining will make them “disappear” into the floor.



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