Broke the wireless thermostat trying to fix the heat

Help! I broke the climate control device! This was the text I had received from my mother early last Monday. I was headed to work and I had to make a U-turn to mum’s house once I reached the office. Since it was just a broken wireless thermostat, I did not need to have the cooling workmen accompany me. I wish I had asked them to come with me because it turns out I need them to help change the compressor on the central air conditioning unit. Mum had forgotten to schedule the quality AC service and the small issue of having ice on the compressor would have been solved. Now the compressor was completely burned and I needed to replace the entire unit with a new HVAC system. Though a new purchase was not on mum’s budget, she had to get the new zoned HVAC since her current one was not feasible. So when mum had woken up that morning she had tried switching on the cooling equipment and at first, it did not come on then when it did, it was only on for a minute before it went dead. The air ducts were clogged up with all sorts of debris and the HEPA filter had not been changed for an entire year so it was doing nothing to help with indoor comfort. I had always told mum of the importance of the HVAC service on a cooling unit. As a cooling specialist, I had seen a lot of people including entire companies ignore to tune up their commercial air conditioning systems which had cost them valuable time and money to fix the unit on a workday.

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