Calling someone in the middle of the evening sucks!

I think it is disappointing when I call my sister in the middle of the evening if there is an emergency.

  • I think it can be disappointing even when calling a stranger in the middle of the evening.

When my gas furnace broke plus there was no heat in the house, I wanted to call the gas furnace maintenance repair immediately, but It was 2:00 plus I did not want to frighten anyone. Several gas furnace maintenance companies including the 1 that I pay for their 24-hour emergency service. I hate to call plus wake someone up to ask them to repair the gas furnace, even if I am paying the AC provider. When the concern with the gas furnace occurred, I waited until the next afternoon when the local gas furnace maintenance supplier opened. I told the guy on the iPhone about the problems plus how they occurred in the middle of the evening. The telephone operator proposed that I just call the emergency line next time. They have service experts tied up on the evening crew for just this type of problem. The gas furnace maintenance service expert arrived around 10:00 a.m. after I had been separate from heat for almost 12 hours. The temperature reading on the thermostat was only 55° by the time I finally had someone now working on the gas furnace. I’m so thankful that issue did not turn out to be a major problem. The maintenance service expert replaced a section with the gas furnace plus after that things seem to return to normal. I did not even have to spend actually much money to have the maintenance completed plus that was a very nice surprise… Even though I could have gotten the repair performed in the middle of the night when I actually needed help, I’m still cheerful that I waited until the next afternoon.



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