Can’t cook

When I first got married, I was determined to learn how to cook.

I imagined my husband and I sitting down at the table and enjoying the delicious dinner I’d prepared.

I was excited to try all different recipes, bake bread from scratch and ensure good nutrition. I bought a bunch of cookbooks and searched for ideas online. I spent a ton of money on ingredients and a great deal of time attempting to create something edible. Most evenings, my husband and I either ended up eating cereal and toast or ordering pizza for delivery. The majority of my attempts at cooking went straight into the garbage. I’d still need to scrub all the pots and pans. It was infuriating. While I was researching cooking tips, I came across a website advertising meal delivery service. I checked it out and was surprised by the affordability of the service. They offer a wide menu of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could choose between different plans to cover three meals per day, seven days per week or single meals and days. The options for entries are really diverse and changes every month. They provide a detailed list of ingredients, nutrition facts and accommodate food allergies. I gave the meal delivery service a try, and it was so easy. The pre-packaged meals were dropped off at my door and all I needed to do was preheat the oven. The portions were perfectly sized and everything was super tasty. My husband was so excited. We now have the majority of our dinners delivered. It’s a relief. I look forward to dinner time instead of dreading it.
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