Celebrating saving so much money

When I first started living with roommates, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, I did notice that everybody was cranking the A/C in the start. I told everybody we should hold off on the A/C a little bit because that’s one of our favorite energy saving tips, then you simply utilize the fans around the home more than just cranking the A/C. I mean what are ceiling fans for if you’re not going to use them! When everybody looked at the utility bill after the first week, they agreed that I might be right, the energy bills were way too lavish. I was surprised when they all asked me if I had any other energy saving tips, and oh, I was the master when it came to energy saving tips. I talked everybody into using an indoor grill & to grill outdoors more often so that we wouldn’t overheat the house. It was better to use the stove way less frequently in the summer weeks. In the colder weeks though, it was great to use the stove to make it so the heating idea doesn’t have to do nearly as much, but we also put block-out curtains on the windows to stop the sunlight rays from causing heating in the home when we had the idea working. It wasn’t long when everybody became happy upon seeing that the energy saving tips were paying off! The people I was with and I saved so much money on the energy bills that we went out to celebrate at one of the local bars. We all enjoyed great food, drinks, in honor of me saving everybody a lot of money.

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