Central heating and cooling isn’t much different

Noah observed that outside of the condo building, there was a line of central cooling units.

  • This was intriguing, because in his experience, most condos have some kind of wall mounted air conditioner, or window air conditioner.

Noah knows some condos that have central cooling, but they are usually the better units. But he has never seen what condos look like with central Heating and Air Conditioning. When a condo complex has window air conditioners, you can tell, because they stick out like a sore thumb. The thing is, central heating and cooling isn’t much different. When you look at the condos, seeing the central heating and air conditioner unit is quite obvious, because they seem to have them in a line in the back. They are kept in the back to avoid making them too obvious, but it is still noticeable to anyone passing by. Noah doesn’t know he would like that much if he lived in a condo. He feels it takes away from the building’s beauty. But he doesn’t have to worry about that, since Noah lives in a home. He also has a central air conditioner unit, but since it is behind a bush, you can’t tell it’s there. Which is the way Noah likes it. His home looks nicer because of it. Really the only time you can tell it’s there is when it turns on, because it can be quite loud. He’s saving up to get a silent air conditioner unit one day but it will be awhile in the future.

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