Cheap air filters are occasionally good

One thing I also noticed is that occasionally when you buy the cheaper air filters for your central heating plus air conditioner that they are entirely pretty good! I purchased some cheap plus discounted air filters for my central heating plus air conditioner a few months ago plus they entirely ended up being a close second runner up to the HEPA brand air filters in terms of quality plus how long they lasted before they needed to be changed.

I was pretty damn shocked to be totally fair with you.

I was not expecting discounted cheap air filters to be this good! I was thinking that I would get it to where I had to change these once a month or there would be problems. But this was not the case at all. These cheaper air filters for my central heating plus air conditioner components were entirely pretty impressive… Like I said, they were nearly as superb as the absolutely costly HEPA brand air filters, however just fell short of the quality ever so slightly. I was not expecting this at all, so when they eventually turned out to be so good I went back to the store and then I purchased a ton more of them plus stocked up on them. I have been using these cheaper air filters ever since. So the thing is, never think just because something is too generic or cheap that it is going to be bad. That was not the case with these air filters for my heating in addition to the air conditioning component at all!

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