Clean air ducts equal clean bill of health

It went on and on just like the other colds I had ended up with over the years.

Though not completely debilitating, the way I felt made it sort of tough to enjoy anything about life.

And to think that it was cured with the help of the HVAC still blows me away. But until I learned of the HVAC help, I just felt semi miserable week after week. It’s like the sinus stayed stuffed up and my congestion was just unrelenting. Like the worst of the cold was over but the lingering symptoms simply went on and on. Finally, I broke down and went to see the doctor. What I was expecting to hear from her was much different than what she recommended. She didn’t need her prescription pad for healing me up. My doctor told me to eat better, rest better and get more exercise. She also told me to get the indoor air quality higher in my house. This, she believed, was what was causing havoc with my respiratory system. I was a bit confused by my doctor’s recommendations but, I picked up a HEPA air filter on the way home. When I got home and told my wife what the doctor said, she picked up the phone and called the HVAC company. She lined us up to get ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing for a few days later. Once the HVAC air ducts were cleaned and resealed, my symptoms lessened before stopping altogether. Within a week, I was breathing freely and deeply in our much cleaner indoor air. And there was not a hint of respiratory ailment.


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