Cleaning service allows me to better prioritize my time and energy

It has alway been the goal for me to have my own company.

I don’t know if it’s DNA level or not but I’ve always felt that being my own boss was the most natural thing.

But being the boss comes with a lot of responsibilities. That is a no brainer and something that I was prepared for. However, I learned the hard way that I simply couldn’t do it all. Having my own business and a family was something that was more than I could do. Working all day and then trying to me the cleaning lady at night was getting me nowhere fast. Yet, I was hesitant to really consider the option of a maid service. The idea of having someone in my house was not the best feeling. When I discussed this with a woman who was in a similar situation, she suggested that I just had to get over that. She had a maid for hire and told me that it changed everything. Her work no longer suffered and she was able to prioritize time with her family as well. I took this to heart and got the number of the cleaning service she used. The first cleaning lady that came to interview was terrific. Not only did she show me an impressive resume, she was a mother as well. There was a bond there that allowed me to feel comfortable knowing the she would be in my house. It has been six months since I hired this cleaning lady and it has indeed changed everything for the better.

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