Clear skies, bad air

It is really strange.

When the skies are clear and it seems like a nice day outside the air quality in my area is really bad.

It is so bad that I had to make an investment into a whole home air purification system. Buying a whole home air purification system was never on my list of things to buy. It just so happened that my local heating and air conditioning specialist had mentioned a whole home air purification system to me as a possibly option to fight off the bad air quality in my home as a result of what was going on outside. I decided to take a chance because the air quality is pretty bad. And lucky for me the whole home air purification system actually worked out. It was not a waste of money as I may have feared at first. So when the sky is clear and the sun is shining, that is my clue to turn on my whole home air purification system. I had tried portable air purification systems in the past and they did nothing to combat the bad air quality going on in my local area when the sun was shining outside. Now that I have the solution to kill the bad air quality that gets into my house I am very happy about it. This in addition to my high quality central heating and air conditioning system unit makes for the perfect indoor comfort within my home. It really works out great to the fullest.


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