Cloudy skies, good air

I really find it odd that where I live has good air quality when it is cloudy outside.

When it is sunny & bright the air quality is god awful.

This is why for those sunny afternoons I went out & bought myself a whole cabin media air cleaner. The whole cabin media air cleaner was really suggested to me by an air quality specialist that I had come & test the indoor air quality of my cabin one time. They mentioned that this was a way to have good indoor comfort & good air quality. It was quite a high priced investment, however it was well worth it. Because on those bright & sunny afternoons when the air quality is really bad, all I have to do is flip on my whole cabin media air cleaner that runs through my central heating & a/c unit & all is nice in a matter of 15 minutes or so. It cleans the air perfectly & is the best indoor air cleaner anyone can have in their home. The investment is well worth it because of the good result that it constantly gives, however on those cloudy afternoons the air quality is super good outside & is the best time to open up the windows & doors to let some of that good air quality flow through the cabin so that the whole cabin media air cleaner can get a bit of a break! It does take up some high energy use you know?



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