Cold inventory

Most of the time I really enjoy my job.

It isn’t exactly a normal 9-5, and that’s quite important for me.

I work semi-remote and have quite a bit of freedom around there, because my boss has better things to do than worry about numbers every day. One of the difficult parts of the position, however, is the monthly inventory that I manage myself. We get a small crew of workers to come help us count, which really speeds up the physical part of the job, but then the real fun begins when I get to work out the numbers. That means I actually usually look forward to the physical inventory count in comparison. That is, until this month. When I arrived at the facility bright and early in the morning i was not expecting the indoor air temperature to be just as cold as it was outside. The outdoor temperature was about 35 degrees, and there was no relief indoors. That’s when I realized that normally when I arrive at work the heater has been running in the office for a few hours and the production machinery has warmed up the rest of the facility at least a few degrees. This early in the morning, however, there had been no warm relief in the entire space. We all got our clipboards and inventory sheets, and braved the brisk air in the warehouse wearing hats and gloves. Every hour or so everyone would run back into the warm safety of the small office to heat up a few degrees before returning back to the wintery temperatures in the production facility. By the time we were done counting I was more than ready to sit down at a warm computer to play with numbers all day long with a space heater at my feet.

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