Cooling unit made a loud bang

My friend had loved cooking for as long as I had known him, he had gotten the like for cooking from his mom, who owned a chicken shop. They would fry chicken and sell them. The place was consistently full of customers, everyone in the neighborhood loved the chicken from the shop, one night as they were closing, they heard a loud bang from the basement where the cooling product was situated, then when they worked on the unit, they could not tell where the issue was though it had lost its efficiency. They would need to lower the temperature so low for home comfort. Since we spoke almost every night, he mentioned the incident to me, and I work as a cooling system rep and have our own business. I was unsure of the issue until I worked on the air conditioner the following morning. I was not surprised to see the loud noise was caused by one of the vents busting because of limited airflow. They had forgotten to schedule the essential cooling system care, which would have revealed the dirty and clogged cooling system filters. The machine was new, with the cooling system replacement done several years ago. It was also a quality heating plus air conditioning system with SEER ratings of 16, then as part of the cooling system repair process, we removed the dirty washable filters, cleaned them and reinstalled them to improve the air purification process, however my neighbor confirmed to have acquired a pamphlet from the cooling system workman who did the cooling system install. The flyer had tips for caring for plus maintaining the dual fuel system, but our neighbor had never looked at it. I reiterated that knowing how to care for the machine would benefit his bank account and business.


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