Dad was afraid he’d have to pay for a new heating system

My dad and I always call each other to talk, or to vent if we are having frustrating days.

Ever since mom and my baby sister passed away, we have become each other’s rock.

It was such a sad tragedy, but in a way, their absence seemed to bring us closer. And this is something I appreciate since we weren’t too close during my teen years. I admit I rebelled so much, and this made dad and I butt heads all the time. Mom tried to understand me, but dad and I rarely saw eye to eye. But, now if you see us talking, you’d think we have been the best of friends for years. Life can be funny that way. Last week, dad called to vent about the heating system in his home. The previous winter, the heating system was faulty, and dad had to call the HVAC business three different times to send a heating expert to his home. They found a few faults with the heating system, and the last time the guy showed up, he advised dad to start planning to replace the heating system. There was no way the heating system could last another winter. And those are almost 5 months of non-stop cold and snow. Well, dad was afraid he’d have to pay for a new heating system, and they aren’t cheap nowadays. He’d been thinking of getting HVAC financing instead to finance the new unit. I asked him for the cost of the new unit and installation, and sent him the money for the work. I didn’t have much, but I could handle that expense for him.

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