Dealing with a clogged HVAC system

I went over to our good aunt’s lake house the other day to visit him, plus I was shocked that the air quality in his lake house was so bad… From what I could remember, he had an undoubtedly high quality heating, ventilation as well as A/C system in his lake house plus so I was surprised that the site was so stuffy plus sizzling inside when I walked in.

Earlier that day, our aunt had called me and asked me to come over to his lake house because the a/c wasn’t working… Whenever he called me to come over, I was at work; however, whenever he calls me I always try to get over to his site instantly, I am always scared that there might be something undoubtedly wrong plus I worry about him a lot… And he has always been our particularly favorite relative, so I always want to take care of him whenever I can, and anyway, when I walked into the lake house to see what was wrong with his a/c, I could not suppose how terrible it was inside.

I was undoubtedly shocked to see the amount of dog hair that was in his house. My aunt has always been particularly meticulous when it comes to housework plus keeping things clean around there. However, the older he gets, the more cats he wants to have. I keep telling him that she’s going to have to stop adopting cats because it’s affecting the air quality in his house. When I tested out his a/c in the basement that day, I found that it was completely obstructed by dog hair. I cleaned everything out for him plus I told him that all of us were going to have to schedule a professional HVAC duct cleaning for his house.


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