Didn’t expect the winter weather to be so brutal around here

When I first moved to this new area, I didn’t know what I was getting into.

I was thinking the winters couldn’t be too bad, but this is the thing that I was the most wrong about. It seemed like just a few weeks after I moved in, all the brutal snow storms came through. I got so much snow that I didn’t know how to get rid of it all. I actually had a snowblower before I moved to this place, but I sold it before I moved. I was thinking that since I was moving further south, I would be fine with shoveling. Honestly, I got more snow in this place than I would get where I came from. It was difficult driving on the roads too. I would be cranking up my heating system driving from place to place and I would be nervous about there being black ice on the road. For the most part, I would try to avoid having to drive during winter weather. It’s actually more dangerous around here than where I come from. This is because they used to salt the streets where I was living, but around these parts you’re lucky if they plow your street often enough. I couldn’t believe when I was out there shoveling, the snow was so deep. The road wasn’t driveable and there was nothing but silence. It was kind of magical in a way though, I never experienced such silence and it was peaceful. Of course, I still couldn’t wait to get back inside to the comfort of the heating system and the fireplace when I was done shoveling. One thing I definitely did right away after that initial snowstorm was get a new snowblower, a powerful one.



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