Didn’t opt for cheap HVAC repair

That was what finally tipped me toward using my common sense

It’s definitely felt like life has been nothing but an ongoing challenge for the last 3 years. Prior to the pandemic, things were going pretty great for me and life was good. I had a nice paying job and was working inside an office where there was even zone controlled HVAC. But the global health crisis changed all of that in a matter of days. When I was sent home from that zone controlled HVAC to work from home, I thought it was so temporary. Weeks after I started working from the central air conditioning of my home, I was informed that I was losing nearly 25 percent of my income. That stung enough. But coupled with the fact that my wife lost her part time job completely, I was doing all I could not to panic. Me working from home was keeping the mortgage paid but that was about it. There was no money for anything but the essentials. And that’s fine for a while. I mean, it’s good to get a wake up call here and there when it comes to our spending. But since then, I’ve never gotten that money back and we are still so strapped when it comes to finances. It’s been three years since we saved anything out of my paycheck. So when the heat pump went on the fritz last Fall, I was so tempted to turn to a handyman for an HVAC repair. It was nearly half the price and that was a big deal. However, the HVAC repair from the handyman was also not guaranteed at all. That was what finally tipped me toward using my common sense. I called the HVAC company and the heat pump has been great ever since.

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