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Beginning a new business venture has to be the most stressful and difficult thing an adult can choose to do with their working life.

It’s super easy to work for a large corporation and benefit from all the infrastructure they already have in place.

It’s super difficult, on the other hand, to work for yourself and be fully in charge of all the business successes and failures. There’s always a lot of pressure right in the beginning to establish a good name for yourself and entice new business, and that is exactly why I love a new company start up in my town! Every time they move in, these new operations bring amazing deals with them to gain popularity. Most recently, a brand new ventilation company opened in town. You’d better believe that we are getting an all new heating, cooling, and air purification system, all to be controlled with a top of the line smart thermostat. How is this all possible, you ask? The heating and cooling start up company is pushing their high tech and energy efficient ventilation equipment hard right now. They want to get the word out that this is the company to work with if you are on the market for the most modern HVAC equipment available today. As such, they’ve offered an amazing deal of 30% off all energy star rated air handling equipment created by a particular techy Japanese company, and free HVAC system installation to match! To make matters even better, they have a free extended heating and cooling component maintenance program, and helpful specialists who will help get you tax breaks on your updated HVAC plan to boot! I love this new company.

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