Discussing installing a new water heater

We discussed installing a new hot water heater, and I thought we should go bigger, but my spouse was adamant about keeping the same size we had now, and maybe even going a little smaller, but I hated that when I was taking a shower, I would often run out of hot water. I told him that was the reason I wanted a bigger water heater. Later that week, he brought home a bunch of paperwork and offered it to me. He told me to read through the paperwork and tell me what I wanted to do when I was done. I had paperwork on energy efficient electric hot water heaters. I had paperwork on electric hot water heaters and water heaters that were connected to the furnace, then at the bottom of the pile, I found reading material about a tankless water heater, then there was no limit to how much hot water you can get from your tankless water heater, and we can get small units that would go on to every faucet, which was known as hot water on demand, and within 2 or three minutes of turning on the faucet, you would have hot water. The tankless hot water furnace was a little more high-priced than these units, but they all worked under the same premise. They were connected directly to your hot water lines, and when hot water was called for within 2 to 3 seconds, it was coming from your faucet. There is no wasted energy trying to heat a huge tank of hot water, because it was heating the water as needed. I wanted a big water heater but now I want a tankless water heater.

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