Fall is the best time for furnace maintenance

We love everything about the change of seasons, and we even managed to make a thriving business from this.

  • My partner and I are avid photographers, and we love taking pictures during the change of seasons.

At this time, the atmosphere is magical in our location, and that’s the best time to take out the cameras. When we met, we both did this as a side hustle while working full time 9 to 5 jobs. Then, during the pandemic, we chose to start posting our pictures online and hopefully share the magic with others during quarantine. Folks responded so well, and we even got to take some images for people during early 2021 spring. These images started our business, and we chose the right spots. I left my job to focus on this full time, and my partner joined me during the summer of 2022. We have an amazing life with our son, and puppy. Our home is in the most beautiful location, and we feel quite blessed with the life we have. Our last client before the end of fall was an HVAC technician and his family. They wanted family pictures to capture the amazing fall colors. During that shoot, we managed to get excellent heating and cooling advice from the HVAC technician. He has been in the HVAC industry for 2 decades, and emphasized on the importance of fall heating maintenance. He said this was the best way to ensure the heating unit was working well during the winter months. We always make sure to get fall heating maintenance, but at times we wait until winter. His reasons for doing this during fall were the best, so we will try not to skip this in future.

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