Fate, HVAC tech needed ride on side of road

When I was younger I was always extremely depressed.

  • I felt like there was absolutely no reason to be alive because the entire ordeal was a continual journey of pain and disappointment.

I decided that everything in life was a random series of unfortunate events. Luckily… I don’t. I now believe that the universe is a beautiful place and it orchestrates many synchronicities in life. For instance, getting your heating, cooling, and air quality control system repaired for free. This is my most recent example of the universe having my – it’s important to me, even if it has to do with heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. You see, I had to move into a janky house several years ago where the indoor air temperature control system was even worse. The air conditioning unit had to be 10 years old. The forced air furnace was at least 20. I don’t think that the prior owner ever serviced the heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. Even the air ducts were absolutely neglected and packed to the brim with airborne contamination. From the time that I moved in, I knew that the heating and cooling system was a ticking time bomb. However, I did not have the extra cash for a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation appointment. And then… The air conditioning unit broke down in the middle of the summer. As I drove into town to purchase a bag of ice, I happened to stop for a hitchhiker on the side of the road. Wouldn’t you know… He happened to be a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation technician – and he was very grateful, and so was my broken AC unit.

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