Fence around apartment on a hill

My apartment is built up on a hill overlooking a wooded section and big lake… The view is really spectacular, i really prefer sitting on our back deck and enjoying for rabbits, deer, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, foxes and weird species of parakeets.

There are often boaters, jet skiers and fishermen out on the lake, while the elevation of the apartment offers some charming benefits, it also creates some troubles! Mowing a hilly shrubbery is not a lot of fun, then plowing the driveway in the Wintertide is strenuous and we need four-wheel-drive vehicles to avoid getting stuck; Even walking down the driveway to get the mail gets tiring. When we first moved in, I was determined to have a fence installed around the property. I wanted the added security and knew that a fence would contribute to curb appeal and the value of the home. I watched some youtube videos online, study a few home improvement blogs and thought that I could manage the upgrade of the fence on my own. I hoped to save currency by handling the project without hiring professionals. I purchased all of the materials and then got into trouble. I lacked the special tools and component to combat the uneven and taxing ground. I could not get the posts far enough into the ground or manage to install them straight. I struggled for many days before finally hiring a fencing dealer. They were able to use my materials and supply the labor. With a crew of licensed contractors and specialized equipment, they had the fence installed in a single weekend.

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