Finishing off my son’s new room with ductless heat pump

My oldest son is just one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Sure, I’m his dad and I’m going to be a bit less than totally objective.

But by any standard, this kid is really great. Like he comes home and gets to studying in the air conditioning without being told. He’s also great at getting chores done and the kid just has a great outlook and attitude. So when he asked me if he could create a bedroom of his own in the attic, I was all in. Sharing a room with his younger brother was just not ideal. The attic in our house is actually a finished space with electrical and all of that. What it doesn’t have is heating and cooling comfort. Obviously, when the house was built, HVAC ventilation was not extended to the attic. It was not meant to. But when we turned it into a bit of a game room, there were parts of the year where it wasn’t exactly comfortable up there. So I called the HVAC company to see what we could do to make my oldest more comfortable in his new digs. They had an easy answer and sent out an HVAC technician. The HVAC professional installed a ductless heat pump in the new bedroom my son created. I was amazed that the entire ductless heat pump installation was done in like a half day. But I was totally blown away by how comfortable that one ductless heat pump made that space. In fact, when he goes to college, I’m taking the room over as my man cave.


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