Free time in air conditioned luxury

How many hours a day do you have to yourself? Online it says that two to five hours of free time a day is ideal for happiness.

Well, I have a lot more than five hours of free time each day, probably closer to seven or eight hours a day.

I fill that free time though with music and it doesn’t seem to bother me that I have so much of it. Maybe if I wasn’t playing beach ball or playing music in a band I would be bored with all the free time I have, but this HVAC tech is just fine with all of that free time. I need to get back on my workout routine though because I have been resting a lot in my free time. My heating corp keeps me active with the HVAC system repairs I do, but I need to get in some weight training each week or my muscles start to deteriorate quickly. Lifting up heavy heating devices is good for your muscles, but I haven’t had many to lift as I have been working a lot on smart thermostats and small things like space heater repairs and things like that. So today I am going to start up my weight training program after I teach my yoga student later this afternoon in his climate controlled flat. It is a sunny day and it will be a good one for doing my workout routine on the beach later when it cools down. My HVAC rep friend will join me in the workout later and it should be fun.

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