Gas fireplace isn’t safe for the baby

I am a couple of months pregnant and I want to change some things before my baby arrives. Right now we use a gas fireplace with a glass front. It shows a faux wood fire and has a big wooden ledge. It is really pretty but not safe at all. The glass is lava hot when you touch it. My husband actually has a scar on his back from when he leaned into the glass while shirtless. My husband thinks putting up a baby gate around it will be enough. I don’t want a toddler or even a four or five year old around that glass though. So will I gate that fireplace for almost ten years? I don’t like the heating system that much. It is also over 15 years old. It is going to die anyway. I have been looking into replacing our old carpet with hardwood floors anyway. I am thinking this would be the perfect time since I could add radiant heating in the process. The heat would be underneath the wood and my baby would be protected. There would be no dusty indoor air quality since it is electric based. Another pro of this system is that anything that touches it gets heated as a result. So the baby’s crib, the cat bed and the couch are all getting heated by this amazing little system. My husband isn’t pleased that he might need to do a major project right before the baby is due. But I think it needs to happen.



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