Getting some better quality heating and air

There are three heat pumps in my two bedroom house and they are awesome

So I was ready to do whatever it took in order to be a homeowner. The days of renting an apartment with HVAC equipment that was the pits were over. I just couldn’t stand paying the money that I was paying for poor heating and cooling and loud neighbors. Something had to give. But I was also faced with the fact that I was pretty much priced out of the real estate market. Still, I made the rounds of realtors and targeted the area that I wanted to live in. There was one realtor that seemed to actually want to help me and understood my dilemma. She also understood that I had a set amount of finances but needed my own air conditioning for once. That’s why she ended up showing me this house. It had been on the market for a long time because the seller wasn’t at all willing to update the property. If I was willing to take it as is, I would be able to just have enough for the downpayment. So that’s what I did and I inherited a lot of appliances that just weren’t all that great. Yet, I’ve been replacing them one by one as I’ve had the money to do that. Finally, I’ve been able to replace the residential HVAC. And since the ductwork was also not going to go any further, I went with an alternative heating and cooling method. The HVAC company installed a multi split ductless heat pump system. There are three heat pumps in my two bedroom house and they are awesome. I can’t believe the level of quality heating and air that I’m getting from the ductless heat pumps.

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