Getting some HVAC for forgotten cottage

When I sold my company for all that money, I knew things would change.

  • But at the same time, I also knew that I’d always be me no matter where I lived or the amount of money in the bank.

I would have been just fine simply upgrading the HVAC equipment and staying in our old house. Yet, part of me selling the business was to give back to my wife for all she has sacrificed to support me in my passion. So indeed, we updated the heating and cooling equipment but that was only to sell the old house. Now, we live in a big house inside one of the oldest and wealthiest parts of town. It’s nice but it all feels a bit over the top to me. There were so many renovations that had to be done to the house when we first got it. From the residential HVAC to flooring to the kitchen, it was all upgraded. So much went on that my wife sort of lost sight of the small guest cottage on the back of the property. So this space became my area to do my thing when I wanted to get out of the central air conditioning of the main house. The guest cottage is nothing fancy but it’s simple and comfortable which is all I need. However, I will say that the new ductless heat pump really does make a big difference. I just love having such high quality heating and air in my little private spot. My wife wanted to aim her decorating and renovations at the guest cottage not too long ago. I deflected that intent as I just want to feel normal inside a normal little cottage with great heating and cooling.


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