Going to get a hot water boiler soon

I just went for a ride on my bike and the streets are filled with happy arts and crafts ladies getting ready to sell their stuff in this big tent by the beach. I really love seeing these older ladies enthused about life and about doing something they love. It reminds me of my grandmother and when she used to knit quilts for family members and friends back in the day. She really loved knitting and these ladies in town now remind me of my gram and all of the memories of her come rushing back into my mind. The local businesses are busy now and a lot of them will be open extra hours during the weekend to accommodate all of the happy knitters that are flooding the streets. The tents where they sell their stuff have small a/c units inside to cool down the people and the food, and even the HVAC company has a small booth in the place to show people what they have to offer. I like when this thing comes to town because it brings an energy that livens the place up and sets us all in a better mood. I will go for a ride to the heating supplier soon to see if they got any of the a/c filters in yet, as it is time to change the old one out for a new washable filter. After I do that, then I am going to take a leisurely bike ride along the coast and just watch people having fun doing what they love.

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