Good heating & air quality

This is the first Springtime where I’m not cussing the level of heat & humidity as I get ready to exercise.

  • And I’m not at all talking about going for a run or anything else outside.

Nope, I’m talking about walking inside a gym that’s supposed to have some commercial Heating & Air Conditioning that provides an acceptable level of heating & cooling. I’m not complaining about the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning in the gym any longer because I dumped that gym membership in the Fall. It’s not that I just gave in to being a fat girl at 52 either. No, I just got so sick of walking into a space where I was covered in sweat before I even got to the locker room. The commercial Heating & Air Conditioning unit in that place was either under sized, seasoned, or just completely messed up. The commercial Heating & Air Conditioning in that joint was consistently overwhelmed whether it be winter or summer. But it was particularly hard from May through September. I just couldn’t take forking over that amount of currency for zero heating & cooling comfort. Instead, I took some savings & made my own gym. I have a two motorcar garage that is now a one motorcar garage & home gym. Thanks to the Heating & Air Conditioning company, I have a ductless heat pump inside the nice garage. Oh man, the air conditioner comfort is just so amazing. And I can’t hardly believe that this is all coming from something that is just so small. My partner is even getting in on some air conditioning & exercise as I bought an elliptical device that he particularly loves.

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